Andante and Rondo capriccioso in E major Op.14
Songs without words: Op.19/1 (Sweet remembrance); Op.19/2 (Regrets) Op.19/3 (Hunting song)
Variations in E flat major, Op.82
Songs without words: Op.38/6 (Duetto); Op.62/1 (May breezes) Op.62/6 (Spring song)
3 Fantasies (or Caprices) Op 16 No.1 in A minor, Andante con moto; No.2 in E minor, Presto; No.3 in E major, Andante
Variations in B flat major, Op.83
Songs without words: No.34 in C major Op.67/4 (Bees' Wedding) No.37 in F major Op.85/1
Variations sérieuses in D minor Op.54

This is the recording both for the person who only wants one CD of Mendelssohn piano music in their collection and also for the connoisseur. The Songs without Words featured include the most well-known - Spring Song and the so called Bees’ Wedding; Mendelssohn's most popular piano work, the Andante and Rondo capriccioso, and his greatest, the Variations sérieuses, are also present, but where else can one find all three sets of Variations that Mendelssohn wrote or all three pieces of Op16? There is only one other recording of the latter set, and an obscure one at that, in the catalogue at present.

This is music which Valerie Tryon plays to perfection. She is perhaps the typical English pianist in the line of Eileen Joyce, Irene Scharrer or Harriet Cohen. None are big players but they all have an effortless finger technique and elegance of approach which reflects this composer's playing and sound world exactly.

APR5595 Available on Compact Disc, as a Digital Download and to Stream