VALERIE TRYON Chopin: A Chronological Journey

COMPACT DISC 1 The Early Years 1827-1835 (77.13)
Andante spianato & Grande Polonaise brillante in E flat major Op 22; Nocturne in B flat minor Op 9/1; Nocturne in F major Op 15/1; Nocturne in F sharp major Op 15/2; 6 Nocturne in G minor Op 15/3; Bolero in C major Op 19; Mazurka in B flat major Op 7/1; Mazurka in C major Op 7/5; Mazurka in A minor Op 17/4; Ballade in G minor Op 23; Marche funèbre in C minor Op 72/2; Waltz in E minor Op posth; Waltz in A flat major 'L'Adieu' Op 69/1; Études Op 10 No 3 in E major; No 4 in C sharp minor; No 5 in G flat; No 12 in C minor

COMPACT DISC 2 The Middle Years 1835-1841 (78.03)
Scherzo in B flat minor Op 31; Nocturne in D flat major Op 27/2; Allegro de Concert in A major Op 46; Waltz in F major Op 34/3; Waltz in A flat major Op 42; Sonata No 2 in B flat minor 'Funeral March' Op 35; Mazurka in D major Op 33/2; Scherzo in C sharp minor Op 39; Études Op 25 No 1 in A flat major; No 2 in F minor; No 11 in A minor; No 12 in C minor

COMPACT DISC 3 The Final Years 1841-1849 (79.50)
Berceuse in D flat major Op 57; Fantaisie in F minor Op 49; Nocturne in F minor Op 55/1; Nocturne in E flat major Op 55/2; Sonata No 3 in B minor Op 58; Barcarolle in F sharp major Op 60; Ballade in F minor Op 52; Mazurka in F minor Op 63/2; Mazurka in F minor Op 68/4; Polonaise in A flat major 'Heroic' Op 53

These new recordings were recorded at St. Georges's Brandon Hill, Bristol and give a comprehensive overview of Chopin's output from his earliest published work until his death. Of course there is no shortage of fine Chopin recording available but in Valerie Tryon we have a pianist whose refined elegance,and effortless technique, make her the perfect Chopin interpreter. Listening to these performances one is reminded time and again of descriptions of Chopin's own playing - this is an essentially lyrical approach with an easy natural rubato and constant emphasis on the melodic aspect. Tryon may not be the most famous of pianists but don't forget, her recent Mendelssohn recording (APR5595) was described by critic Julian Haylock as 'without doubt, the finest Mendelssohn recital ever recorded'.

Three Compact Discs.

APR7301 Available on Compact Disc only