MARK HAMBOURG Encores & Rarities



Encores & Rarities – selected HMV recordings 1910 - 1935  
COMPACT DISC 1 (78.50)  
1. SCARLATTI/TAUSIG Pastorale and Capriccio 
2. BYRD Pavana ‘The Earle of Salisbury’; 3. BULL The King’s Hunting Jigg 
4. BLOW Fugue in C  5. BLOW Suite in A; 6. ARNE Sonata No 5 in B flat 
7. COUPERIN Le Carillon de Cythère; 8. COUPERIN Les Baricades Mistérieuses  
9. SCARLATTI Sonata in G minor ‘The Cat’s Fugue’ 
10. SCARLATTI/TAUSIG Pastorale and Capriccio 
11. BACH Italian Concerto (1st movement)  
12. BACH/D’ALBERT Prelude and Fugue in D BWV532 
14. HANDEL The harmonious blacksmith 
15. SCARLATTI Sonata in A minor Kk54  16. SCARLATTI Sonata in G Kk146 
17. BACH/TAUSIG Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV565 
19. SCHUMANN Aufschwung;  20. SCHUMANN Schlummerlied 
21. SCHUMANN Träumerei; 22. SCHUMANN Romance in F sharp 
23. SCHUMANN Novelette in F major  
24. SCHUBERT/LISZT Hark, Hark the Lark 
25. MENDELSSOHN/LISZT On Wings of Song  
26. MENDELSSOHN/LISZT Mendelssohn’s Wedding March and Dance of the Elves
COMPACT DISC 2 (76.13)  
1. DEBUSSY Danse; 2. La plus que lente 
3. DEBUSSY/BORWICK Prélude à l’après-midi d’un faune 
4. DEBUSSY La cathédrale engloutie; 5. Clair de lune 
6. DEBUSSY Jardins sous la pluie; 
7. RAVEL Ondine; 8. Menuet antique 
9. POULENC Novelette No 1 in C
10. DE SÉVERAC Où l’on entend une vieille boite-à-musique
11. POLDINI Étude de concert in A Op 19/2  
12. RACHMANINOV Prelude in G flat Op 23/10 
13. SCRIABIN Étude in C sharp Op 8/1 
14. & 15. DVORÁK Humoresque in G flat (two versions)  
16. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV Dance of the Tumblers 
17. BACH/SCOTT My heart ever faithful 
18. GLUCK/SGAMBATI Melodie from ‘Orfeo’ 
19. SGAMBATI Vecchio minuetto 
20. MOSZKOWSKI Étude de concert in G flat Op 24/1 
21. WOLF-FERRARI Intermezzo No 2 
22. D’ERLANGER Étude concertante No 2 
23. GRAINGER Country Gardens 
24. HAMBOURG Volkslied 

25. RUBINSTEIN Étude in F Op 23/1

Leschetizky pupil, Mark Hambourg probably recorded more than any other classical pianist in the years up to 1930, but today we find his flamboyant, often barnstorming, style very out of fashion and he has been ill served on historical reissues. This portrait focuses on more unexpected areas of his repertoire – early music, contemporary music (several of his Debussy and Ravel recordings were recorded premieres) and rare encore pieces, the latter in particular revealing the lyricism, charm and bravura of this true romantic pianist. The opening track of Scarlatti arranged by Tausig is one of Hambourg’s first recordings and dates from 1910. His final recording, the Rubinstein etude, from 1935, closes the set. Of particular interest is an unpublished recording of Ravel’s Menuet antique from 1925.

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