HOROWITZ/BARBIROLLI Tchaikovsky 1 & Rachmaninov 3 Concertos

Horowitz in Concert
TCHAIKOVSKY Piano Concerto No.1 (r.1940)
RACHMANINOV Piano Concerto No.3 (r.1941)
(New York Philharmonic-Symphony/John Barbirolli)

(Historic record of the year - Classic CD)
Yes, the pundits were right. This is the Rachmaninov Third to end all Rachmaninov Thirds, a performance of such super-human pianistic aplomb, pace and virtuosity that it makes all comparisons, save with Horowitz himself...a study in irrelevance...The ultimate wizard of the keyboard is in expansive mood in the Tchaikovsky...The perfomance ends in what I can only describe as a scream of octaves and an outburst by an audience driven near to hysteria. Gramophone (UK)

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