THE PIANO G&Ts Vol.3: Chaminade & Saint-Saëns

Cécile Chaminade - 7 titles (1901 London)
CHAMINADE Air de Ballet Op.30 • Pas des écharpes (Callirhoe Op.37)
Courante (Danse ancienne Op.95/3) • Les Sylvains Op.60 • Danse Créole Op.94
L'Enjoleuse Op.50 • Pierrette Op.41

Camille Saint-Saëns - 9 titles (1904 Paris)
SAINT-SAENS Improvised cadenza on Afrique Op.89
Valse mignonne Op.104 • Valse nonchalante Op.110
extracts from Piano Concerto No.2 in g Op.22 • Rhapsodie d'Auvergne Op.73
Ascanio - Air of Scozzone • Réverie • La Solitaire (Mélodie Persane)
Samson et Dalila - Printemps qui commence
above 4 with Meyrianne Héglon (mezzo-soprano)
also 7 titles (1919 Paris)
Le Déluge - Prelude Op.45 • Elégie Op.143 • Havanaise Op.83
above 3 with Gabriel Willaume (violin)
Rêverie du soir à  Blidah (Suite Algérienne Op.60/3) • Première Mazurka Op.21
Marche militaire française (Suite Algérienne Op.60/4) •Valse mignonne Op.104

Here is an important historical sound document... Cécile Louise Stéphane Chaminade (1857-1944) virtually invented French salon music and to be able to hear her complete recordings for the first time since they were made a century ago is an illustration of the medium of the Compact Disc at its best... To hear Saint-Saëns himself in an extract from the first movement of the G minor Concerto (sans orchestre) is truly wondrous... Saint-Saëns is every bit as facile and dextrous as contemporary reports suggest, constantly pushing the music forward ­ sometimes impatiently ­ in playing of great character and finesse...The compilations, transfers production and notes are... a class act. IRR (UK)