RONALD SMITH plays Chopin Vol.1: Fantaisie, Scherzi 3 & 4 etc.

Fantaisie • Nocturnes 4 & 13 • Barcarolle • Polonaise-Fantaisie
Scherzi 3 & 4 • Ballade 4 • Tarantelle • Mazurka 13

From the perfectly-judged opening bass notes of the F-minor Fantasy to the passionate conclusion of the F-minor Ballade, Mr. Smith once again enchants us... with the increasingly rare art of brilliant but utterly unself-conscious virtuosity in the service of musical values... Recording companies are flooding us with too many mediocre recordings by pedestrian pianists. Having listened to this disc, I feel like complaining that they are not giving us enough recordings of pianists of the stature of Mr. Smith. ARG (USA)

APR5565 Available on Compact Disc only